Performance is an Attitude


At Audi, the red rhombus stands for performance and sportiness and is a natural part of our attitude. The appearance of the R/RS/S models reflects our passion for progressive premium through a cultivated and sophisticated, yet energetic tonality. The visual appearance is differentiated solely by the use of the badge and an elegant and impressive expression of the image style. All other brand elements (rings, colours, typography, etc.) are used as described in the Basics chapter.


The badge of the R/RS/S models is composed of the rhombus in combination with the model name and is used exclusively in the brand colour "progressive red". There is no outline version of the badge.


R/RS/S Models Badge digital
This file serves as a basis for creating any model designations required and can be edited individually.
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R/RS/S Models Badge print
This file serves as a basis for creating any model designations required and can be edited individually.
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The Audi R8/RS/S badge is a proprietary trademark of AUDI AG. The badge may be taken on or used only by persons or companies who have been granted the right to do so by contractual agreement.


The badge is placed at a distance of at least one rhombus height above or below the headline. The Audi rings are placed opposite the badge in the layout. This ensures that the distance between the badge and the Audi rings is always as large as possible.

If the badge and the rings are horizontally aligned with each other, the badge is placed to the left of the rings. The typographic baseline of the model designation is then aligned with the inner edge of the rings. Both picture marks are therefore visually separated by the model designation.

If the headline is in a vertical relation to the rings, it must be aligned with the inner edge of the ring. For optical compensation, the rhombus is moved out to the outer edge of the ring.


The size of the badge is freely selectable. However, it never dominates the Audi rings and is never the center of attention. In interaction with the text or the rings, the badge is preferably left-aligned in a vertical reference.

A balanced relationship between the badge and the headline exists if the height of the rhombus is 70% of the cap height. The height of the badge can then be reduced to up to 30% of the cap height. These proportions between headline and badge are for orientation purposes only and can be adjusted flexibly.

TVC Ending/Opener

Also for the Audi R/RS/S models exclusive use is made of the Audi TVC ending and opener. The respective software is available for download.


The badge is not red.
Badge and headline are not in a balanced relationship.
The rhombus is not in the right proportion to the model designation.
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