The Audi layout structure is largely applied in communication relating to R/RS models, too. Audi rings, badge and text elements are arranged in the brand space. The font sizes are chosen according to the layout and the statement.

Brand Space

The brand space is the zone in the layout in which the Audi rings, the badge and text elements are placed.

Rings and text elements can be placed within the brand space, but they are always left justified one below the other.

Colour areas and images

Full-bleed images or areas in the R/RS colours are used as the background.

And this is how it´s done


Selected format


define the brand space


Positioning of headline and rings in pre-defined relative proportions (width of the rings at least 10% of the longer format side)


Position of badge in the correct size


check spacing


use photo (full-bleed)



Badge and headline are too far apart.
The rings are not black or white.
Too much copy, set too close together
The line spacing is too wide.
Rings not placed flush with badge.
The copy is very small and not legible.