Font styles and notation

Our corporate typeface is Audi Type. All familiar styles of the overriding Audi appearance are available.

As a distinguishing feature, headlines always appear in uppercase in Audi Type Extended Bold in communication concerning R/RS models.

Font sizes, alignment and distances

Type size, line spacing and spacing between the text hierarchies (headline, subheadline, copy) can be freely selected. There is a recommendation for the ratio of headline and Audi rings, see Rings. The perfect ratio between the rhombus and headline is achieved when the outer ring height is 70% of the uppercase height and the inner ring height defines the height of the rhombus.

Line spacing of minimum 100 % and maximum 120 % is recommended for the headline. Optical kerning is max. –45 for headlines and –15 for sub-headlines and copy. Badge and text elements are left justified and aligned flush with each other. Copy is set in ragged type (principle of "fluttering flag").

In special cases in which the badge is at the same level as the rings, the typography is to be aligned with the inner edge of the rings.

The spacing between the badge-headline block and the sub-headline or copy block can vary (vertical flexibility). The minimum spacing between headline and sub-headline is the height of the outer edge of the rhombus. All elements are always left-aligned.

Font colour

Typography of all text elements is always set in black or white.


Font styles are assigned to individual text elements:

> Headline in Extended Bold (always uppercase)

> Sub-headline in Extended Normal

> Buttons and text buttons in Screen Normal

> Body copy in Normal or Screen Normal

Highlights in the body copy and tables are set in Audi Type Bold or Audi Type Screen Bold.

Audi Type

The typographical guidelines of the Audi brand apply to the R/RS models.

See here for the guidelines and download area.


Headline is not set in uppercase letters.
Headline is not set in black or white.
Colour of typography in the headline is mixed.
Headline and badge are not left-aligned.
The badge is not positioned in relation to the headline: its placement is geared towards the copy.
No italicized font.
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