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Social media is an essential communications tool that reflects Audi’s brand appearance with its high-quality and progressive implementation of content. The platforms are under constant development and allow us to tell stories and present our brand and models in a way that also provides significant reach – thanks to new, innovative posting formats. Video and images are the focus and always represent the premium nature of the brand. It is important to reach the right audience through personal and up-to-date communication.


On social media platforms, the brand elements (rings, brand claim, colours, typography, image style, layout structure, icons and animation) are used as described in the “Basics” chapter. Audi’s requirements for platform-specific branding can be found in the social media guides for the respective channels.

As the social media guidelines for the various applications change each year, please review the guidelines set for the platforms for the current calendar year. These include things such as the specific asset sections in which important image details and text elements are not allowed to be placed (safety zone), as well as the file output size that has been specified for the asset.

Market-specific adjustments can be made following the rules set out below, provided that the legal regulations are complied with. Checks need to be made as to whether legal information such as a disclaimer or consumer information needs to be integrated into the description texts (and if yes, exactly where and in what size) or directly into the video/image elements.

The Audi channels normally consist of the following elements: 

  • A profile picture that includes the rings,
  • An attractive cover image that shows (for example) current campaign imagery,
  • A channel name that includes the brand name “Audi” and the region or dealer name (e.g. Audi Deutschland, Audi UK or Audi Centre Sampletown),
  • Posts that reflect the Audi brand appearance.

For precise definitions on minimum sizes and safety zones, please see the relevant guides for the different channels.

Image and video sizes

When creating content, please follow the recommendations for format sizes for the platforms and the user patterns of subscribers and fans. For all layouts, attention needs to be paid to control panel elements (play button, status bars, volume etc.). Otherwise, the particular platform interface may unintentionally cover up content. .

  • For image posts, the platform’s guidelines apply (e.g. portrait 4:5, square 1:1 or landscape 1.91:1).
  • Videos can have the same size as the image posts listed above, i.e. an aspect ratio between 1,91:1 and 4:5. The ideal horizontal video size has an aspect ratio of 16:9. The format may also be optimized for vertical use, for example (vertical 9:16, portrait 4:5 or square 1:1)
  • For stories, the vertical screen size in 9:16 format can be used in full.


Subtitles are always centred and appear as single lines.


16:9 format

Safety zone footer: 80 px

Font size: 35 px, Audi Type Wide Normal


9:16 format

Safety zone footer: 200 px

Font size: 35 px, Audi Type Wide Normal


4:5 and 1:1 format

Safety zone footer: 200 px

Font size: 35 px, Audi Type Wide Normal


Disclaimers are always located in the centre of the format. The text is centred or – for longer disclaimers – left-aligned.


Disclaimer (normal version)

Safety zone footer: 25 px

Font size: 25 px, Audi Type Normal (centred)


Disclaimer (long version)

Safety zone footer: 25 px

Font size: 25 px, Audi Type Normal (left-aligned)

Channel branding

Profile picture

In general, “Audi Rings Standard” are used, either in black on a white background or in white on a black background. Backgrounds in Audi Progressive Red are not to be used. 

Additional elements, such as flags or text, should not be added to the profile picture because of the lack of space. The identification of the region or the dealer name is always made in the channel name, not the profile picture.


Audi Profile Picture
106.9 KB

Channel name and channel description

Channel names contain the brand name “Audi” + <region> or Audi Centre <Sampletown> or <Sample> dealership. When naming a channel, ensure you use a standardised country code/URL.


Cover image/header

The cover image is a particularly effective way to convey the Audi brand experience. In order to create a positive first impression, it is important that the cover image reflects the Audi brand appearance – attention needs to be paid to the image style in particular: it should reflect generosity and never seem overloaded. The image should always use the full dimensions and can use current campaign imagery, for example. When choosing a cover image, pay attention to the various positioning and trimming options that are offered by the platform. These are listed on the platform’s relevant help pages. To ensure important details are not covered, the best possible image cropping should always be chosen.  

There are no mandatory requirements for the placement of text, as this will depend on the image used in each case. All elements must be placed on the image in such a way that they are fully visible on all end devices, despite any cropping by the platforms that may occur. This also applies to the disclaimer – the particular market requirements for the minimum font size should be followed for this. 

In order to avoid duplication, rings should not be placed on the cover image.



Example: Cover image in the LinkedIn desktop view.
Example: Cover image in the YouTube app.

Preview images/thumbnails

Video thumbnails should always be attractive and not too detailed or overly colourful. They should inspire the user to click on the image. They can be branded with “Audi Rings Standard”. 

The platforms put various elements on top of the preview images such as titles, time details, icons etc. These will appear depending on the interactive context. When placing the rings, ensure that these are not covered by the platform’s overlays.


Example: Preview image in the LinkedIn app.
Example: Preview image in the YouTube app.

Platform elements

Interaction options

Interaction options within a platform can be added in the form of polls or questions. It is important to ensure that important image elements are not covered and that the function always represents the premium character of the brand.


Example: Instagram story question tool.
Example: Instagram story poll tool.


The profile image contains additional elements such as images.
The rings in the profile picture are cut off and are used with a line thickness that is too light.
The cover image is not placed full-bleed.
The posts contain too many design elements (overbranding).
Platform elements such as stickers or emojis are not to be used.
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