YouTube is mainly used as a video distribution platform. The Audi channel is ideally suited as a public archive for high-quality videos, e.g. current campaigns or items that tell stories about the brand. This enables direct contact and discussion with Audi’s subscribers and fans. There are various options for designing the channel, such as through the channel image, preview images or the posted content. The Audi brand appearance is reflected in all posts.

The rings in the profile image allow the page to be clearly identified. Information about the use of the profile image as well as the download of the templates are available in the guide “Social media – Introduction”.

General notes

As the social media guidelines for YouTube change each year, please review the guidelines for the platform that have been set for the current year. These include things such as the specific asset sections in which important image details and text elements are not allowed to be placed (safety zone), as well as the file output size specified for the asset.

Market-specific adjustments can be made following the rules set out below provided that the legal regulations are complied with. For example, checks need to be made as to whether legal information  such as a disclaimer or consumer information needs to be integrated into the description texts (and if yes, exactly where and in what size) or directly into the video/image elements.

More details about font sizes and styles for subtitles and disclaimers can be found in the section “In detail: Subtitles and disclaimers in videos” in the guide Communication Media > Social Media > Introduction.


Channel image

So that important image information is not covered up, the platform’s cropping procedure needs to be considered when it comes to the placement of the cover image. Unlike the desktop view (2), in the mobile or app view (1) the channel image is cut off on the left and right. All elements must be placed on the image in such a way that they are fully visible on all end devices, despite any cropping that may occur.  The cover image uses the Audi image style, always uses the full dimensions and contains little text, so that it is displayed in an optimal way on all devices and screen sizes. There are no mandatory requirements for the placement of text, as this will depend on the image used in each case. The minimum font size for disclaimers, inserted in Audi Type Normal, is 13 points

In order to avoid duplication, rings should not be placed on the cover image. 

In the desktop view, the platform also provides the option of inserting individual channel elements (3), therefore enabling links to the Audi website or to specific areas of the website. By default, the elements can be found in the bottom right of the desktop view. In the mobile view, this function is not supported.

Example: Channel image in the YouTube app.
Example: Channel image in the desktop view.


In posts, the brand elements (ringsbrand claimcolourstypographyimage stylelayout structureicons and animation) are used as described in the Basics chapter. Content is designed in accordance with the Audi Brand Appearance: high-quality and understated as well as authentic and self-confident.

Preview images

YouTube places various elements on the preview image: in the video search, for example, a time code is added, and in the playlist view an overlay is added on the right, with the number of videos and an icon.

For the preview image, the standard rings are used. The ideal position for placement of the rings is in the left-hand lower corner. 

  • Padding for the left-hand image edge: 88 px (1)
  • Padding for the lower edge of the image: 88 px (2)
  • The size of the rings is 509 x 177 px (3) 

Preview images should always be attractive and not too detailed, which is why no text is added.

Example: Overlay of the preview image with the time code.
Example: Overlay of the preview image in the playlist view.

Special features of the platform


YouTube teaser thumbnail 

The ideal size for thumbnails used on the platform is 1920 x 1080 px (72 dpi).


Channel branding in the video

Through the use of permanent channel branding on the bottom right while the video is playing, it is possible to link to the Audi YouTube channel (not shown in the mobile view) and to have the brand respectively the Audi rings constantly present.


Interactive elements in stories

Stories, which are exclusively available on mobile, are available only in vertical, 9:16 format. YouTube positions several interface elements on the stories (in the top or lower area of the screen). Important content cannot be covered by these elements. 

Note: The placement varies depending on the age and operating system (Android or iOS) of the user’s device, which means it can also end up in the content area (1).


Cropping and overlays with videos

Images in the preview are automatically displayed by YouTube in the 1:1 format. The posts are only shown in full when they are clicked. In order to avoid important image content being cropped and unable to be viewed in full, a square aspect ratio is recommended.


Important elements in the channel picture are cut off or disappear completely in YouTube’s mobile view.
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