In Motion

Logo ending and opener also reflect the basic idea behind our brand appearance: The brand becomes the content – “the interface becomes the brand”. 

The TVC ending and opener from Audi is also used for communication of RS, R and S models. More information about the RS and R models can be found in the guide here.


TVC-ending – General

The new logo ending and the commercial create an indivisible unity. The Rings emerge out of the visual content of the commercial without altering the atmosphere and colour mode – the brand and the concept are inseparable. 

TVC-ending – Timing

Care must be taken during production of the commercial to ensure that sufficient ‘unoccupied’ visual material is available at the end to allow the logo to be generated out of the content. 

Seen from the end of the commercial, the Rings appear at second 04:22 (timecode). They change to white at second 03:13 until 03:00. They remain in frame for one second and then fade out. The tagline appears at 01:13 and remains in place until the end. The background image is faded out completely for the last second. 

Opener – General

The Rings have become an autonomous element and have now gained their independence from the Audi tagline. That is why they can now appear in the opening sequence of the commercial or at any point between beginning and end (but never at the same time). In the opening sequence, the Rings evolve from the visual content and, after being visible for only a few seconds, dissolve into the background – a subtle opener with memorable visual impact. 

Placement of the Rings and Tagline

The Rings are centred in the image frame and are no longer inseparably chained to the tagline. They evolve out of the content and take on the colours black or white. The size of the Rings is determined by the aspect ratio of the image format and is automatically generated with software.

Software for a TVC ending

Using specially designed software, source videos can be added to the animated logo ending or logo opener, modified and rendered for reuse as a video or image sequence. This enables Rings and taglines to be optimally positioned and aligned.

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here.

Integrations Manual
Details of how to integrate the logo ending (or logo opener) can be found in the specifications.
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Software Windows
This is where you can get the app for integrating the logo ending (or logo opener): Application Windows
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Software Mac OS X
This is where you can get the app for integrating the logo ending (or logo opener): Application Mac
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Rings not discernible.
Rings overlay the product.
Content is too dark.
Content lacks coherency.
Rings appear together with Rings from content.
Rings appear together with Rings from content.
Rings too small.
Rings on faces.