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Our claim „Vorsprung durch Technik“ is the DNA of our brand and drives our future-oriented brand identity. Our brand name Audi and our claim „Vorsprung durch Technik“ go together to form the Brand Claim. While the rings interact with the content, it has a clear and yet unobtrusive sender function. The use of the brand claim is the responsibility of the respective market.

Brand Claim International
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Brand Claim Chinese
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The Audi Brand Claim is a proprietary trademark of AUDI AG. The Brand Claim may be taken on or used only by persons or companies who have been granted the right to do so by contractual agreement.


The brand name „Audi“ appears in Extended Bold, while the claim „Vorsprung durch Technik“ is always in Extended Normal. The brand claim can be optionally fine-tuned typographically with an optical width of -15.

The brand claim always runs over a single line. „Audi“ preferably appears in red, the remainder in black or white. Depending on the background the brand claim can also appear in a single colour.



The type size of the brand claim can be freely selected, but it must be clearly legible at all times and may not appear at the centre of the design. If there is body copy, the size of the brand claim can be geared towards this.

In terms of its positioning relative to the rings or copy: here the brand claim is in a vertical relation, preferably flush left or right.

If it is not possible to integrate the brand claim visually in the overall layout, it can also appear in one of the format corners.

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