Focus on the Basics

The illustration style of Audi is used to provide supporting illustrations to services, processes, functions and other abstract matters. It follows the principles of simplicity and clarity and takes inspiration from the straightforwardness and dynamism of tape drawing.



Black and white

Illustrations are in black, white and gray tones. Colours are rarely used.


Hierarchy of levels

If necessary, an illustration can be split into up to three levels. The levels are clearly separated by contrast.
Levels in the background contain progressively fewer details.

  1. Foreground: The message that the observer of the illustration should take away.
    Black levels: 0-100 %
  2. Middle ground: Context, which serves the understanding of the message and creates coherence. Black levels: 0-20 %
  3. Background: Decorative scenery.
    Black levels: 0-10 %

An illustration can also be completely in the background, in order to put the focus on other elements such as text or buttons, for example.


Strong contrasts

Strong contrasts make the important elements of an illustration eye-catching. The spectrum of tones ranges from pure white to deep black. Medium gray tones are used sparingly.


High degree of abstraction

Simple metaphors and avoidance of details that are not essential to understand the content of the illustration ensure easy and quick comprehension of the message.

Text is an accompaniment but not used as an element of the illustration. This ensures that the illustrations can be used in a variety of image sizes.


Straight, angular profiles dominate

The design language is shaped by straight, angular profiles.

To complement this, flowing, round shapes are used for faces, tires or chassis, for example. Illustrations are always cut horizontally or vertically.


Solid colour shapes - no gradations, no contouring

Illustrations are composed of solid colour shapes. Gradations, contouring and soft transitions are not used. Objects are modeled by hard edges of light and shadow.

Illustration of Vehicles

Vehicles are illustrated generically. The design is based on the design of Audi vehicles without being recognizable as a specific model.

In small illustrations, more details are omitted.

Illustration of People

Illustrations of people are reduced to the essentials. Comical facial expressions and gestures are not used.

Illustrating for Day and Night

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