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Authentic and Extraordinary

Passion, precision and perfection – these things are integral not just to every last detail of Audi models, but also to the visual aesthetic of our images. The style is minimalistic and clear-cut, with the situation in each image depicted in an authentic, assured manner with a focus on the essential. The images don’t look at all staged, and yet every single detail is meticulously composed.

The result is exclusive snapshots of authentic situations, perfectly pairing sophisticated lighting with a subtle colour mood. The vehicles look not like exhibition objects, but like part of a natural environment. This allows us to create high-quality, emotionally charged images that move and fascinate the viewer, while also expressing our bold, sophisticated and optimistic attitude.

The images are powerful, express understatement with a premium standard, and reflect at the same time a balance between perfection and authenticity.



brave | curious | approachable | optimistic

The attitude is typical Audi: optimistic with a confident, nonchalant way about it. You can see this in our cast’s expressions – but in a likeable and approachable way. We show people with charisma, who radiate determination and curiosity.


confident | diverse | cultured | understated

The cast is expressive and positive. They have a well-cared-for, natural appearance. They are cultured, stylish and know what life is about. And if kids are shown, they should be curious and bright. Diversity plays an important role and does not feel forced.



premium | contemporary | detailed

The styling of our cast is progressive and highly tasteful. Their looks underline their personalities. Their sharp and sophisticated style suits the situation perfectly. Each outfit is put together carefully, expressing perfection and a strong dedication to detail.



global | valuable | fascinating | graphic | epic

Our locations are unique and exclusive places which meet the brand’s premium standards. They are intriguing places and have an epic quality that arouses deep desire in the viewer. Thanks to their clean graphic composition, the focus remains on the car. In all their epicness and graphicness, they will nevertheless always feel warm and inviting.


elegant | reduced | premium | harmonious

The colours create a vivid atmosphere. We set ourselves apart by using reduced colours and desaturated hues instead of colour-intensive tones. Thereby we create harmony and elegance through the images, reflecting an easy-going manner. Especially when we shoot cars featuring intense and distinctive colours we make sure the image’s overall expression is not extremely colourful. The colours of the images harmonise with the brand colours white, black and red at all time to create and guarantee a premium visual appearance of the layout.

Light & contrast

emotional | natural | pleasant | exciting

The lighting mood in which we shoot symbolises a spirit of optimism. It creates an atmosphere that you would like to be part of. Natural light sources ensure images have an authentic, unembellished look.

If light sources are enhanced, the authenticity of the image should not be compromised. The light emphasises and visually complements the distinctive design highlights of the car while ingeniously reinforcing the message we want to communicate. The use of contrast creates suspense. The car is integrated into the natural lighting conditions and is not artificially highlighted.



authentic | engaging | narrating

The composition is fascinating and guides the viewer’s gaze. The surroundings work as a stage and don’t distract from the car. The staging always feels natural, allowing our images to tell a consistently plausible story. The car is perfectly imbedded in the surroundings, the reflections are true to reality and the positioning of the car is authentic.


desirable | dynamic | iconic

The perspectives always highlight the car design features in the best way possible and showcase it perfectly. They make the vehicle appear iconic and reinforce the message being communicated. The chosen angle not only guides the viewer’s gaze, it also arouses desire. Each perspective creates a natural symbiosis between the car and its surroundings.


Freestyle perspectives

unseen | courageous | surprising | detailed

Freestyle perspectives characterise our imagery with their emotional and diverse personality. These shots have charisma and tell a story in a fascinating, refreshing way.

These shots surprise with their unseen perspectives and intriguing image cropping, and embody passion with their dynamics. They trigger emotions in the viewer, communicating closeness and warmth, and enabling car details or other design characteristics to be staged in an emotional way.


focused | perfection | fascinating

The detail shots convince with high precision and a love for every little detail. We play with depth of field and light to give a more premium touch to the images. The textures and shapes are clearly visible and their premium quality is highlighted. The precision of the photography makes the materials and surfaces come alive in the image. A visual feeling is created which enables the viewer to experience how it would feel in reality.

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