“Share the Moment”

What do we want our images to show? Mainly people and cars, that’s for sure. People and cars are fairly everyday visual motifs, and that’s just how we want them depicted in our photographic style. They should look natural, of course, not contrived and without dramatization – aesthetic images that are rooted in the real world. Images that appeal to viewers and drag them in their world – because they sense: this is here and now.

In terms of their overall impression, the images convey a feeling of confident composure. They are snapshots from the everyday world, but they contain surprising, inspiring moments that touch people. The visual style is reduced and straightforward, situations are shown clearly and authentically. The cars don’t look like objects on display but are part of the world that people live in. As such, vehicles can also be shown in sections or details so as to get closer to the viewer. We achieve an overall impression by the way we apply light and colour.


Natural light sources ensure images have an authentic, unembellished look. The car is integrated in the light situation and is not artificially highlighted. Light and shade can create accentuations on the vehicle and also be used as stylistic devices to tell stories and support ideas.

Colour space and contrast

Colour saturation is slightly reduced. We don’t want to be too brightly coloured. And we make use of contrasts that are clear but not excessive. But colour and contrast can also be used as stylistic devices.

Definition and blur

The interplay of definition and blur (wide aperture) is put to selective use so as to create focus and a natural look. In this way, attention is drawn to a specific idea. The vehicle can also be out of focus if this supports the idea of the motif.

Perspectives and details

Particular image details and sections and also unusual perspectives give images a distinct character that sets them apart from familiar automobile advertising photography. Natural perspectives give the motifs a vibrant, modern look.


People like you and me! They are shown in authentic, uncontrived situations, and the way they are presented (how they act) is always easy to comprehend.

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