Clear Structures

In order to structure content clearly, the layout can be subdivided vertically and horizontally into blocks. It is important for each block to have a function. The subdivision is always straight, rectangular and bled to the edge. Each image fills its entire area. Transparencies, frames, diagonals, boxes and other geometric shapes would impair the clarity of the overall impression.

Vertical Alignment of Rings and Typography

Vertical alignment can be used in all media.

Horizontal Alignment of Rings and Typography

The horizontal alignment is mainly suitable for catalog covers and other media with short headlines and no body copy. The position of the tagline remains vertically to the rings.

Block Subdivision

  • The entire layout can be subdivided into blocks.
    Blocks are only applied if they have a function. They can contain typography, buttons, icons, cut-out images, etc.
  • A block always divides the format into two rectangular sections. The size and position of the block can be freely selected. In print formats, simple division ratios are given preference such as 1:2, 1:4, 2:3, 1:3. 
  • The blocks always appear in one of the five brand colours or in the gray scales.


Positioning of Rings and Typography

The layout is to be selected so that, if at all possible, the rings appear on the image and other elements on the block. 


Structuring by Means of Tiles


Clustering of information in tiles

Content can be grouped for this purpose in rectangular tiles and placed flush to each other. The tiles are separated from each other by means of narrow spacing. 

Tiles can appear as a background in one of the five brand colours or a gray scale.

It is also possible to apply an image covering the full space. The background will always differ from the background of the block on which they appear. Tiles can be subdivided again in themselves based on the principle of the overall layout, and can therefore also containing an image next to a colour block.

Separation of elements inside blocks

Generally speaking, elements inside blocks are separated by clear spacing. A fine line can also be applied as a separating element.

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