Rings as Protagonists

If there is a message, the rings are acting as an opening or a conclusion. In other cases, they can be placed anywhere and in any size (within the brand space). When displaying them in print or on screens they only need to be what they are: a powerful graphic symbol - plain and simple and with no special effects - simply in black or white, depending on the background.

On vehicles, buildings and for motor shows or other events, the rings are three-dimensional by nature and have an aluminium effect.

Audi Rings digital (b/w)
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Audi Rings print (b/w)
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Audi Rings office (b/w)
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The Audi logo is a proprietary trademark of AUDI AG. The logo may be taken on or used only by persons or companies who have been granted the right to do so by contractual agreement.

The Perfect Ratio of Rings to Typography

The perfect ratio of rings to typography is when the uppercase height is 70% of the outer edge of the rings. In this case, the line thickness of the rings and the typography are equal and convey a harmonious effect. The other ratios (26% and 11,5%) are derived from this.

Other ratios

Size calculator for rings and typography

Positioning and Spacing, Vertical

Positioning and Spacing, Horizontal

Alignment variants

The typography alignment can be flush-left, centered or flush-right to the inner rings. The rings can appear above or below the headline. In the event of a horizontal arrangement the rings can appear on the left or right.

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