Flexible Typography

Striking and loud. Or reduced and elegant – the Audi Type font styles allow a wide variety of scenarios and moods. In this way, concrete applications can be geared even more consistently to the target group and the message being conveyed.

Even given this flexibility, Audi Type ensures uniform brand perception across all points of contact – from smartwatch to TV commercial. Here, few elements are more striking in terms of perception than Audi Type Extended. Applied in headlines – from Normal to Bold – this font style is a key distinguishing feature of the brand.

The Audi Type font styles establish simple, clear-cut hierarchies. They are not assigned to any particular vehicle model, vehicle category or business area. Audi Type is available as a file package with predefined font styles and as Audi Type Variable.


Audi Rings Variable
Audi Type Variable
Audi Type Print
1.5 MB
Audi Type Digital
3.3 MB
Audi Type Office
1.5 MB
Audi Type Variable
608.5 KB
Audi Type terms and conditions of use
70.1 KB


The Audi Type is the exclusive corporate typeface of AUDI AG. All license rights and the sole right to use the font are reserved for Audi. Used globally for all communication media, it ensures the distinctive appearance of our brand across all media. The Audi Type must be used in accordance with the terms and conditions of use available in the download.

Audi Type Variable

Audi Type Variable is a typeface that can be continuously varied in its weight and width. This distinctive property provides the basis for the flexible application of Audi Type. The typography can be adapted to the requirements, context or statement of an application. In digital applications, for example, Audi Type Variable is very space-saving due to its flexible font width, offering the capacity to adapt to the width of the visible area (the viewport). Readability and contrast can be improved by adjusting the type weight, and in animations Audi Type Variable provides creative freedom.

Audi Type Extended, the font style for headlines, is defined by its font width of 130. If necessary, this width can be reduced to a minimum of 120. The type weight (Normal to Bold) can be freely selected to match the statement.

Audi Type Variable functions in the commonly used applications such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Sketch etc. and is also available as a web font for use in the digital context.



The typography can be applied in either black or white. Grey scales are possible in the digital context for functional reasons. Type sizes, line spacing and the distance between the text hierarchies can be freely selected. Audi Type Extended is used for headlines and sublines. The headline can be optionally fine-tuned typographically with an optical width of -15.


Typography always appears

  • in ragged type,
  • preferably flush left or flush right,
  • and in mixed case.


The ratio between the rings and the headline is flexible. As such, there are no specifications or fixed ratios in terms of line thickness and size between rings and headline. If the headline is located directly above or below the rings, it is aligned with the inner edge of the ring at the defined minimum spacing.


Use of Audi Type for individual text elements:

  • Headlines and subheadlines in Extended, Normal to Bold,
  • Body copy in Audi Type Wide and/or Audi Type,
  • Buttons and text buttons in Audi Type Wide,
  • Interactive text elements in Audi Type Wide,
  • Highlights in Bold
  • and footnotes and reference text in Audi Type.


International typefaces and substitute typefaces

Audi Chinese Font
12.2 MB
Audi Korean Font
13.0 MB
Audi Type Vietnamese
Audi Type VN (Vietnamese) is a special Audi Type font. Generally speaking this font may only be used for Vietnamese typesetting. The Latin letters included may never replace Audi Type.
401.4 KB
Audi Type Recommended Japanese Font
The fonts are available in the TrueType and OpenType versions from the supplier Dyna Comware, www.dynacw.com.hk/en/. The TrueType versions can be downloaded directly from the online shop. If you wish to order the OpenType fonts, please contact the supplier’s sales department.
114.0 KB
Audi Type Non-Latin Characters
50.1 KB


Typography does not appear in uppercase lettering.
Typography should not be applied vertically.
Typography does not appear with an outline.
It is not possible to apply a color underlay to typography.
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