Progressive Premium

Progressive Premium

Visible, tangible, perceptible: our brand inspires people with progressive premium mobility. We combine perfection and quality with the will to go one step further. For us this means Vorsprung, it’s what drives us at Audi. Our passion for progressive premium is something people should be able to sense in our brand at every moment – which is why we have further developed the design of our brand appearance.

With our iconic trademark, reduced colours, clear layout structure, a variable corporate typeface and other precisely developed elements, we are striking out a new path in terms of design.


High-quality and understated, authentic and self-confident – the Audi brand appearance is always future-oriented, inspiring and carefully conceived down to the last detail.

Our refined design gives us the freedom and flexibility to address our target groups more effectively than before based on this self-image. And this applies across all touchpoints.

For the first time, the Audi rings are flexible in line thickness. The corporate typeface is variable. We have reduced our brand colours. And our imagery reflects the balance between perfection and authenticity. These elements give us flexible means of expression with which to communicate our „progressive premium“ attitude. In doing so, we always remain unmistakably Audi.


We avoid anything superfluous, decorative and focus on the essentials – both in design and in our stories. We give the elements space to take effect and underscore our attitude.

We don't allow ourselves to be reined by rigid constraints. Whether striking asymmetries or deliberately harmonious compositions – we precisely use contrast to convey our messages. This ranges from the placement of Audi rings as a design element to the confident use of our reduced brand colours.


Clear-cut, precise, reduced and therefore unmistakable – that’s what our messages, our concepts and the entire range of our digital and physical brand experience are all about. To us, good design means enabling instant understanding and intuitive use at every touchpoint. This is why people's needs, together with our brand character, are at the centre of every design: Human Centricity. In this way, our Audi brand appearance gives people a first-hand experience of progressive premium in technology and design.

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