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Some call it work. I call it: electrifying.

Andreas Petz develops e-motors at Audi

Andreas Petz: He’s our resident expert on e-mobility and carries out research and development of components for electric cars that set new benchmarks for green mobility.

Why his job is so important to Audi


The future of electric mobility is not just about lightweight construction, but also entails taking battery technologies and electric motors to the next level. New components have to be smaller, more powerful, lighter and more economical to produce. Another challenge for electric vehicle engineers is to make inductive charging easier and faster and improve battery range. Andreas plays a key role in this process – from the development of the relevant electric motor, through the design process and all the way to the final test drive shortly before the start of series production, he has a decisive influence on the technical advancement of electric vehicles.

His responsibilities:


Andreas is a component engineer for electric motors, such as in the Audi A6L e-tron for China and Audi R8 e-tron projects. He is responsible for the entire development process of relevant components to strict deadlines. This includes budget planning, solving technical problems, test drives and carrying out vehicle approval tests with the relevant government bodies. He is also on the jury of the Formula Student award, an international engineering competition for students in which Audi also sponsors its own teams.

Hard and soft skills he needs:


In addition to a high degree of competence in the field of electric mobility, Andreas also needs to be a good team player. After all, his job means working together with colleagues from a wide range of departments: starting with the concept, design and scheduling of new components, the exciting first test drives on one of our test tracks around the globe through to the final QA check just ahead of the start of series production. The field of e-mobility is developing rapidly and in constant flux. It is essential to stay abreast with the latest developments in the field so new findings and ideas can be taken on board in the development process. Being able to respect and acknowledge the value of the work of others is a vital factor for successful collaboration.

A short biography


Andreas Petz, 33, graduated in automotive engineering. During his time as a student he worked as an intern for Audi customer service and in the technical service department of Audi Australia. When he graduated in 2008, he joined Audi in transmission development. In 2012, he worked in Beijing on the motor for the Audi A6L e-tron for the chinese market. At present he’s back in Ingolstadt where he continues to drive the development of e-mobility.

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