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Some call it work. I call it: networking.

Ilka Bewerunge is Audi City operations manager

She supplies the Audi dealers worldwide with software updates for their digital showroom elements. So customers at the dealership can experience their individually configured dream cars in 3D-look and from a 360 degree perspective.

What makes her job so important to Audi?


Dealerships on the outskirts of towns will increasingly give way to more and more dealers showcasing new vehicles in city centres in future. For customers a visit to the dealership becomes a virtual experience. They can configure their model on the multi-touch table and experience their prospective new car almost on a one-to-one scale on gigantic power walls. They can zoom in to view the tiniest interior details or venture into the inner workings of an eight-cylinder engine as a virtual reality experience. All thanks to high-speed data transmission, intelligent cloud solutions and experts like Ilka. She and her team are the people who distribute countless bits of data and information to Audi sales regions and countries worldwide.

Her responsibilities:


Ilka’s job is to oversee operations at Audi City locations – 53 are currently being set up worldwide. Vast amounts of data have to be sent to offices in such locations as Paris, Moscow or London. The project manager coordinates external service providers and an operations team locally to make sure these extensive data packages get to the dealerships. Ilka Bewerunge must ensure that Audi City dealers can access all the information, applications, images and software updates seamlessly at all times. A key role is played by the central cloud data centre in Amsterdam, where data is uploaded and radially distributed to locations across the globe simultaneously. With her team, Ilka Bewerunge tracks down potential problems before they happen, making sure these processes run smoothly during the data transmission. Should the need arise, she looks for and works together with colleagues to come up with suitable solutions as quickly as possible.

Hard and soft skills she needs:


Ilka Bewerunge brings to her role a great deal of affinity with digital media. The notion of service is equally important. And for once, customer satisfaction is easy to measure: They only contact her when there are problems with vehicle presentation due to transmission failure or other IT complications. In order to properly supply the dealerships and customers with data, her job requires a proactive mindset and meticulous attention to detail. A good understanding of information technology is indispensable when it comes to proactive planning and establishing a smooth workflow with the IT department. The fast-paced, sometimes unpredictable nature of the job means it requires certain flexibility to respond to new situations. Pragmatism, team skills and the ability to cope under pressure also help.

A short biography:


Ilka Bewerunge studied business information systems and American literature in Siegen and gained experience in the IT industry early on as a student. She had ten years’ experience as an IT developer before she came to Audi. As project manager she has been organising Audi City development for the past three years.

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