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Some call it work. I call it: science fiction.

Jens Angerer is a technology developer at the Audi Production Lab

Jens Angerer paves the way into production for innovative technologies such as augmented reality. Thus he makes it easier for humans and machines to interact and set standards for the smart factory. At Audi, science fiction becomes reality.

Why his job is so important to Audi


Production processes are becoming increasingly smarter as part of the fourth industrial revolution. The interaction between humans and machinery plays a central role in this respect – the two are working increasingly closer together. Even ideas and visions from science-fiction stories, which are conceivable even though they have not yet been implemented, provide important impetus. Jens Angerer takes these and makes them usable for the factory of the future – the smart factory.

His responsibilities:


Jens’ job revolves around the discovery of new technologies and the evaluation of their application for Audi production. Working closely together with experts from various fields, he tests innovative approaches in the laboratory before their implementation on the production line. Current emphasis is on the integration of augmented reality solutions in the production process. With data eyeglasses displaying all the essential information on engine assembly in their field of vision, employees will have their hands free for production. To better facilitate eyeglass communication, Jens also designed such innovative input methods as a hand-held virtual keyboard display.

Hard and soft skills he needs:


The Audi Production Lab needs lateral thinkers and pioneers capable of completely rethinking production through the application of intelligent solutions. In addition to a keen sense of curiosity and an insatiable interest in innovative technologies, Jens’ team spirit is essential in ensuring that the collaboration with colleagues from different fields of expertise guides his projects successfully to fruition.

A short biography


Jens Angerer completed his school-leaving certificate in Windsbach in the region of central Franconia and later studied technology management at the University of Stuttgart. Early on as a student, he participated in various research and development projects at institutes such as the Fraunhofer IAO and the High Performance Computing Centre in Stuttgart where he came into contact with virtual reality and worked with it in scientific student research projects. While studying, he used his programming expertise to develop an iPhone game. Shortly before graduating, he completed an internship at Audi in Technology Development Production to push forward the use of augmented reality. In this period he helped set up the Audi Production Lab where he completed his diploma thesis on innovative forms of interdisciplinary collaboration. He has been working here as a technology developer since 2013.

His role model:


The Apollo 11 mission. For Jens Angerer the first Moon landing is the most striking example of how visions give you the edge. Just like science fiction it inspires him, like many others too, to forge new paths. At the same time it shows what is possible by working together as a team. Without the many steps back on Earth there wouldn’t have been the first step on the Moon.

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