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Some call it work. I call it: pioneering.

Marcus Kühne: His job is to identify and introduce new sales technologies.

His job is to scout out the new technology trends of the future early on and to introduce them at Audi. For the past three years, he’s been the project manager in charge of an international team that is developing the Audi Virtual Reality Experience for Audi Sales: the world’s first comprehensive virtual reality vehicle configurator.

Why his job is so important to Audi


Audi’s position at the forefront of such future technologies as virtual reality is due in no small measure to the pioneering commitment of such employees as Marcus. In 2013, he persuaded his superiors and colleagues of the idea of using virtual reality in Sales. Since then he’s been working on implementing the project in the area of Digital Retail with an interdisciplinary team of specialists.
As part of this project, a graphics engine that has been specially optimised for VR, a customised interaction concept and a stylishly designed base station with special headphones have been developed. It’s this kind of pioneering achievement that helps us develop comprehensive and professional expertise. The project includes cooperating partners from such innovative companies as the virtual reality pioneers Oculus VR and HTC, graphic chip specialists Nvidia and the sound and design experts Bang & Olufsen.

A short biography


Marcus Kühne studied Industrial Design with a particular focus on Interface Design in Magdeburg. For the first six years of his career, his responsibilities in product marketing were in the fields of driver assistance systems and display & operation, while supervising the marketing of a completely new type of interaction – the MMI touch. To turn this concept into reality, he then moved to Electronics Development and took over as project manager for the development of the associated touchpad, which Audi was the first manufacturer to use successfully and which has since been adopted by many premium car makers. With his commitment to innovation, he then worked together with an interdisciplinary team to carry out concept research into original interaction technology projects in the area of display & operation.
It’s hard to imagine a more exciting challenge for him. Until one came along. Once this virtual reality fan had convinced sales and marketing of the potential of this technology in early 2013, he got an offer from the Sales Development/Digital Retail department to take over development project management for the first comprehensive VR sales and marketing tool – the Audi Virtual Reality Experience. And that was an offer that an innovations enthusiast and lateral thinker simply couldn’t refuse.

His role models:


All those who ask not what is, but rather – with a firm belief in their vision – what could be, and give their very all to make that dream a reality.

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