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Working at Audi

Whether you have a family, are studying part-time, continuing your professional training or would like to individually organise your workday: we have made it our goal to offer all employees the ideal conditions for creating a good work-life balance.

Flexible working hours

Satisfaction results in motivation. This is why Audi supports you in every phase of life in achieving your individual goals. For instance, flexible work schedules provide you with the chance to organise your work hours to fit your needs. By reducing your hours to part-time if necessary, for example, by taking advantage of the family care leave programme or by working from home through telecommuting. If you would like to take a longer period off from your job, arranging a sabbatical is also possible.


Children belong to the family at Audi


The ability to balance career and family is important to us as a company. For this reason, we consider offering parental leave just as much a matter of course as we do providing support when returning to your job or when obtaining child care.

Through the “Audi Spielraum” umbrella brand, we help you find suitable childcare at our locations both within Germany and abroad. AUDI AG also provides parents with flexible short-term childcare at the Ingolstadt site.


"Health" is more than just a word for us

Fitness and health are the basis for good quality of life, for vitality and for personal productivity. With supervision and support provided by doctors experienced in occupational medicine, we work in a wide variety of subject areas related to improving the work environments of our employees.

We also offer our employees a comprehensive preventative health programme within the scope of Audi Health Care. These measures include the Audi Check-up, in which a personalised health profile is created for each employee.

And since preventative health is known to begin with a healthy diet, Audi doesn’t leave things to chance in this regard either. Nutrition experts help put together the meals in our company restaurants.


Part of the success and success involved

We are firmly convinced that the success of the company is always due to the success of each individual employee. With their performance and responsible actions, they contribute actively to shaping the future of the company. So we think it goes without saying that we should honour the dedication and achievement of our employees – and let them share in the success in various ways.

The employment contracts at AUDI AG are created on the basis of the collective wage agreement for the German metal industry and considerably better than the specified level. The remuneration of experienced professionals is individually specified according to their qualifications and experience; we guarantee those starting their careers a secure start with permanent employment contracts.



A part of Audi from the very first day: the Audi Welcome Programme. Your first day starts with a welcome at your human resources office. Your personal mentor introduces you to your direct colleagues and important points of contact. We support you from the beginning – with important information and fantastic experiences – to make sure you get off to a good start with Audi.

As an international company, we also offer you opportunities for professional development abroad, allowing you to deploy your potential not only in the Audi plants in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, but also worldwide.

When it comes to making the leap into management as well, it is essential that you prove yourself to us as an outstanding performer and that you fulfil the Audi requirement profile. Your qualifications, personality and potential are decisive here.



Diversity is what distinguishes a truly great team and consequently a successful technology company like Audi as well.

With more than 80,000 employees worldwide, we employ people from more than 90 nations. All of these people define and enrich our teamwork and our corporate culture. We at Audi treat each other with respect, tolerance and understanding – for a diverse work environment.

Our employees operate in a dynamic work environment that is characterised by continuous advancement. We therefore systematically put the concept of “lifelong learning” into practice. This includes assembling teams made up of people of varying ages, where all of the participants can learn from each other and pass their expertise on to both young talent as well as to experienced employees. After all, experience is not a matter of age, but of attitude.