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quattro GmbH

More and more modern car buyers are now demanding individuality, exclusiveness and sportiness.

Individual, exclusive and sporty


Since October 1983, quattro GmbH has stood for an extra-special way of life under the banner of the four rings. With an attractive portfolio of high-performance vehicles, exclusive customisation options and useful lifestyle articles, quattro GmbH aims to meet virtually all the requirements of its customers.

Product portfolio


The portfolio of products and services from quattro GmbH comprises three different business segments and offers an extensive range of high-tech products and lifestyle articles.


Using experience to create something special


Individuality, exclusiveness and the philosophy of quattro GmbH - together with the experience and skills gained over more than 20 years - are the key components of the extensive and high-quality range of products.

The history of quattro GmbH


quattro GmbH was established in 1983 as a fully owned subsidiary of AUDI AG. The company began to market an exclusive collection of lifestyle articles in 1985. In 1995, quattro GmbH presented an extensive customisation range for Audi models for the first time at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The company has been registered as a manufacturer of high-performance cars since 1996. quattro GmbH models are produced at the quattro GmbH production facility in Neckarsulm (Audi R8) and at the Neckarsulm and Ingolstadt sites (Audi RS 3, RS 4, RS 5). Here, the company’s team of around 830 employees are constantly breaking new ground in terms of exclusive customisation.

Learn about what quattro GmbH has to offer in the “Models” section of this website. Select your vehicle model and find out what individual, exclusive and sporty options are available.