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Audi 18/70 PS Type M Pullman saloon cutaway, 1925

The first six-cylinder-Audi (”M” type) was presented in autumn 1923. It attracted attention for its, engine constructed of light alloy, a valve control system by an overhead camshaft driven by a vertical shaft, hydraulic/ mechanical brakes on all four wheels, an air pump powered by a compressor in the transmission. In 1924 the Audi ”M” was one of the most expensive cars in Germany. In order to illustrate the craftsmanship and materials that went into its construction, the bodywork has been partially cut away. Today, there are three models plus one chassis of this Audi type still in existence.

Engine: 6-cylinder in-line
Displacement: 4,660 cc
Power: 70 hp at 2,500 rpm
Maximum speed: 75 mph
Consumption: 11–9 mpg
Price: RM 22,300
Series: 1925-1928
Production: 228 cars

Audi 14/50 hp Type K Phaeton, 1925 Audi 19/100 hp Type R "Imperator", 1929