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Audi 22/55 hp, Type E Double Phaeton, 1913

In 1911, the first prototype of a large-volume Audi car with 22 tax-hp and 55 engine-hp was launched. The Type E, as it was designated in the alphabetical Audi nomenclature, went into production in 1913. With a displacement of 5.7 litres, it had the largest engine to be built in Audi's Zwickau era. Because the Audi factory did not have its own coachmaker, all body components were supplied by reputable coachmaking companies.

Engine: 4-cylinder in line
Displacement: 5,700 cc
Power: 55 hp at 1,650 rpm
Maximum speed: 90-100 km/h
Fuel consumption: 20-22 litres/100 km
Price: 14,500 marks (chassis)
Series: 1913-1924
Production: 301 cars