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Audi 50 GL, 1975

The last of the Audi models to be developed under Ludwig Kraus before his retirement. It was the first German small car that Nucchio Bertone was involved with and its timeless design makes it attractive even today. The Audi 50 GL differed from the LS by a more refined interior finish and in particular by its 1,100 cc engine with an output of 60 hp. This engine was configured for premium grade petrol and stood out with low fuel consumption and a good performance.

Engine: 4-cylinder petrol engine
Displacement: from 1,093 cc to 1,272 cc
Power: from 50 hp at 5,800 rpm to 60 hp at 5,900 rpm
Series: 08/1974-08/1978
Production: 180,828 cars

Audi 50 GL, 1975 Audi 50 GL, 1975