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Audi 8/22 hp Type G Phaeton, 1923

The Type G existed before the First World War. In 1914 it was presented as a “small”, inexpensive Audi with a 22 hp four-cylinder engine. It was the first Audi to have a block engine rather than cylinders cast in pairs. However, the war put an end to production after just a few months. Production of the slightly modified Type G was recommenced after the war, this time with a slightly more powerful engine and a striking pointed radiator. The model on display – a Phaeton with two rows of seats – is the only Type G known to be in existence.

Engine: 4-cylinder in-line, 4-stroke
Displacement: 2,084 cc
Power: 22 hp at 2,200 rpm
Maximum speed: 40 mph
Consumption: 20 mpg
Series: 1914-1926
Production: 1,122 cars

NSU 2.5 tonne truck, 1914 Audi 22/55 hp Type E Phaeton, 1924