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Audi 90 quattro, 1985

The major facelift on the Audi 80 B2 in 1984 was the start of a split within the model series. From September the 5-cylinder engines were only offered in the new Audi 90. The most exotic engine version for the Audi 90 was the 70 hp 1600 cc turbodiesel. It was an attempt to break the domination of the 5-cylinder units, but it sold a mere 4067 units between 1985 and 1986.

Engine: 5-cylinder petrol engine
4-cylinder turbodiesel engine
Displacement: 1,588 cc to 2,226 cc
Power: from 70 hp at 4,500 rpm to 136 hp at 5,700 rpm
Series: 09/1984-08/1986
Production: 66,101 cars

Audi 90, 1984 Audi Coupé, 1980