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Audi cutaway drawing, 1969

The first post-war Audi emerged in 1965 as a cross between the DKW F 102 and a 4-stroke engine developed for military purposes by Mercedes and brought into series production by Auto Union. The Auto Union Audi was presented to the public at the 1965 International Motor Show, initially under the simple model designation "Audi". The technical details are easily recognisable in the cutaway drawing. The slotted crankshaft axle with torsion bar suspension has already been used on the first generation of the Audi 100. The radiator located to the side of the engine was still in use in the 1990s. The vehicle illustrated is from model year 1970.

Engine: 4-cylinder, 4-stroke inline engine
Displacement: 1,496 cc to 1,760 cc
Power: from 55 hp at 4,750 rpm to 90 hp at 5,300 rpm
Series: 1965-1972
Production: 416,852 cars

Audi 75 Variant, 1969 Audi 100L, 1969