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Audi Front 225 roadster, 1935

A highlight at the Berlin IAA in 1935 was the Audi Front Roadster presented by Auto Union. The design came from the Horch Design Bureau. Technically, the car was based on the Audi with central box frame, front-wheel drive and Wanderer 6-cylinder engine that had first been presented in 1933. The Roadster succeeded in causing the intended stir at the show. The price tag of 7,950 Reichsmarks deterred buyers, however, which was why the planned short production run never happened.

Engine: 6-cylinder in line
Displacement: 2,257 cc
Power: 50 hp at 3,300 rpm
Maximum speed: 115 km/h
Fuel consumption: 14-16 litres/100 km
Price: 7,950 Reichsmarks
Series: 1935
Production: 2 cars

Audi Front 225 convertible 2-window, 1935 Audi Front 225 saloon, 1935