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Auto Union 16-cylinder hill-climb racing car type C/D, 1939

In 1938 Auto Union built a hill-climb racing car that was a special combination of the old Type C and the new Type D. The chassis was from the Type D, the large 16-cylinder engine from the Type C. Due to a change in Grand Prix regulations, this engine was only used in hill-climb races from 1938, while the new Type D with twelve-cylinder supercharged engine was used in Grand Prix races. Almost all Auto Union racing cars were shipped to Russia after the war as reparations. The model exhibited here returned to Germany in 1995 and is the only remaining example of the legendary Auto Union Silver Arrows that has been completely preserved in its original form.

Engine: V16, 4-stroke
Displacement: 6,005 cc
Power: 520 hp at 5,000 rpm
Maximum speed: approx. 155 mph
Production: 2 hill-climb racing cars

Auto Union 16-cylinder Streamliner racing car type C, 1937 Auto Union Grand Prix racing car Type D, 1938