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Auto Union Grand Prix racing car Type C, 1936

The Type C represented the pinnacle in the development of racing car that had been designed by Ferdinand Porsche and which ran its first race in 1934 according to the 750 kg formula (max. mass, dry, without wheels and tyres). The key design feature was the 16-cylinder engine positioned directly behind the driver (mid-mounted engine). It was the most successful German racing car, winning three of the five Grand Prix races, half of the circuit races and all the hill-climbs that Auto Union entered.

Engine: 16-cylinder in V arrangement, with Roots supercharger
Displacement: 6,005 cc
Power: 520 hp at 5,000 rpm
Maximum speed: 340 km/h
Series: 1936-937

Auto Union record car Type B "Lucca", 1935 Auto Union 16-cylinder Streamliner racing car type C, 1937