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DKW Junior F 11, 1960

The Junior presented in 1959 was a typical DKW with front-wheel drive and threecylinder two-stroke engine. The torsion-bar front and rear suspension was a new feature. Its design satisfied the prevailing taste and used unmistakably American stylistic elements, such as the suggestion of tail fins and the “shark” radiator grille. A new plant was set up in Ingolstadt for the production of the Junior; this became Auto Union‘s number one address from 1962.

Engine: 3-cylinder in-line, 2-stroke
Displacement: 741 cc
Power: 34 hp at 4,300 rpm
Maximum speed: 71 mph
Fuel consumption: 26 mpg
Price: DM 4,950
Series: 1959-1962
Production: 118,986 cars

DKW 3=6 Type F 93 Sonderklasse coupé, 1957 Auto Union 1000 S coupé, 1961