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DKW Meisterklasse F 89 P saloon, 1951

The first DKW passenger car of the post-war era started to leave the production line of a new plant in Düsseldorf in summer 1950, and was a combination of various developments: the modern, aerodynamic steel body of the F 9, a modified chassis and the two-cylinder two-stroke engine from the F 8. The F 89 P was offered as a saloon, a two or four-seater convertible, a coupé and a “Universal” estate car. The modern, aerodynamic and harmonious body design of the F 89 P was to characterise the DKW look until the early 1960s.

Engine: 2-cylinder in-line, 2-stroke
Displacement: 684 cc
Power: 23 hp at 4,200 rpm
Maximum speed: 62 mph
Fuel consumption: 28 mpg
Price: DM 5,830
Series: 1950-1954
Production: 59,475 cars

DKW F 89 L rapid delivery van, 1950 DKW 3=6 Sonderklasse F 91 saloon special, 1955