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DKW RM 350 "Singende Säge", 1955

The motorcycle that DKW unveiled for the 1952 motorcycle racing season was a truly exciting object: a 350 cm³ race version with three-cylinder, two-stroke engine; its third cylinder was mounted horizontally at the front, on the crankcase. The racing motorcycle from Ingolstadt initially had an output of 38 – 40 and then 42 – 45 hp, at a sensational 12,000 rpm. Its high revs gave this engine that characteristic sound that earned it the sobriquet of the "Singing Saw".This exhibit is the original motorcycle ridden by the Ingolstadt racing legend Gustl Hobl as runner-up in the 1956 World Championship.

Engine: 3-cylinder V form, 2-stroke
Displacement: 348 cc
Power: 42-45 hp at 12,000 rpm
Maximum speed: 124 mph
Series: 1952-1956

DKW RT 125/2H, 1954 DKW Hobby scooter, 1955