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DKW RT 125 W, 1950

The RT 125 W was the first DKW motorcycle to be produced after the Second World War, and differed very little from the draft design completed before the war. It had a 4.75 hp two-stroke engine and a three-speed gearbox with pedal gear change. At the end of 1950 a telescopic fork took the place of the old girder type. In 1952 the RT 125/2a with the power output increased to 5.6 horsepower was introduced, and the power output went up again in 1954 to 6.4 hp. This was also the year in which the RT 125 was given rear suspension.

Engine: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke
Displacement: 123 cc
Power: 4.75 hp at 4,800 rpm
Maximum speed: 47 mph
Fuel consumption: 118 mpg
Price: DM 990
Series: 1949-1952
Total production: 65,700 motorcycles

DKW F 102 saloon 2-door, 1964 DKW RT 250 H, 1952