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DKW RT 125/2H, 1954

The first DKW motorcycle to be built in Ingolstadt, the RT 125 W launched in the autumn of 1949, was continually improved over the years. In 1954, the RT 125/2H was presented with an engine whose power had been boosted to 6.4 hp. The most important new feature was the telescopic rear wheel suspension in a reinforced frame. This meant that even the smallest model in the DKW motorcycle range had been upgraded to satisfy performance and ride comfort requirements.

Engine: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled
Displacement: 123 cc
Power: 6.4 hp at 5,600 rpm
Maximum speed: 90 km/h
Fuel consumption: 2.5 litres/100 km
Price: DM 1,225
Series: 1954-1957
Production: 22,350 motorcycles

DKW RT 250 H, 1952 DKW RM 350 "Singende Säge", 1955