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DKW SB 500 (2. series), 1936

The SB 500 was the most powerful production motorcycle in DKW‘s programme when it appeared. It had a three-speed gearbox and an elegant gear lever gate mounted on the tank. Another new feature was the cantilever saddle with its muchimproved springing, which necessitated design modifications to the frame but made the SB 500 far more comfortable to ride. A new front fork with closed-section sides added to the motorcycle‘s stability when used with a sidecar.

Engine: 2-cylinder in-line, 2-stroke
Displacement: 494 cc
Power: 15 hp
Maximum speed: 71 mph
Fuel consumption: 59 mpg
Price: 995 Reichsmarks
Series: 1936-1939
Production: 13,300 motorcycles

DKW SB 200 A, 1936 DKW KS 200, 1937