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DKW Schwebeklasse saloon, 1936

The DKW Schwebeklasse presented in 1934 was an unconventional car in several respects. The "large" DKW rear-wheel drive was powered by a V4 two-stroke engine with two charge pumps. The unitary, streamlined body was made entirely of wood. Both the front and rear axles were attached to a high-mounted transverse spring to prevent pitch when cornering. This type of axle suspension became known as the "floating axle" and was patented by Auto Union.

Engine: V4, 2-stroke, charging pumps
Displacement: 1,047 cc
Power: 32 hp at 3,800 rpm
Maximum speed: 59 mph
Fuel consumption: 18 mpg
Price: 3,100 Reichsmarks
Series: 1934-1937
Production: 6,000 cars

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