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DKW SS 350, 1939

The red and black paintwork is an indication that the SS 350 was a racing motorcycle built for private riders. The DKW works racers are painted silver-grey. In technical terms, this motorcycle is only slightly different from a works bike: the engine is a little less powerful, but the suspension is identical. The SS 350 was hardly ridden before the war. After the war, however, riders such as Kurt Mansfeld, Karl Nitschky and, in later years, Siegfried Wünsche celebrated their first successes on the SS 350.

Engine: 2-cylinder 2-stroke double piston with charging pump
Displacement: 350 cc
Power: approx. 34 hp
Production: approx. 50 motorcycles

DKW RT 3 hp, 1938 DKW NZ 350, 1939