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Horch 11/22 hp "Prince Henry Run", 1908

One of the best known motorsports events at the time was the "Prince Henry Run" that had been initiated by the brother of the German Kaiser. August Horch commissioned the coachmaker Kathe in Halle to build two 22 hp Horch cars with a torpedo-sports car body to participate in this reliability rally. The model designation 11/22 hp was derived from the car tax system employed from 1906, a combination of tax-hp (11) and engine-hp (22). 1 tax-hp was the equivalent to a displacement of just under 250 cc.

Engine: 4-cylinder in line
Displacement: 2,725 cc
Power: 22 hp at 1,400 rpm
Maximum speed: 85 km/h
Price: 9,800 marks (chassis)
Series: 1906-1909
Production: 307 cars

Horch 18-22 hp saloon, 1905 Horch 12-28 hp Phaeton, 1911