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Horch 930 S Streamliner, 1939

At the 1939 Motor Show in Berlin, Horch exhibited its 930 S and gave visitors a glimpse of how the future of the automobile was likely to look. This streamlined car was designed according to the very latest aerodynamic research findings, based both on the company’s own wind-tunnel tests and on patents held by the pioneering aerodynamic engineer Paul Jaray. At the rear, there are clear similarities with the DKW F 9, but the 930 S has many other striking design details as well: there are for instance no B-posts, so that access to the rear seats is convenient and unobstructed. A hot-water heating system with outlets for the windows and footwells was a standard feature of this model, which even had a fold-out hand basin with hot and cold running water accessible from outside the car.

Engine: V8, 4-stroke
Displacement: 3,796 cc
Power: 92 hp at 3,600 rpm
Maximum speed: approx. 100 mph
Production: 6 cars

Horch 930 V roadster, 1938 Wanderer W 22 convertible, 1933