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Horch 930 V roadster, 1938

At the Berlin Motor Show in February 1938, Auto Union presented two breathtakingly beautiful Horch roadsters, one with an 8-cylinder inline engine (Horch 855) and one with a V8 engine on the chassis of the Horch 930 V. In terms of sporty elegance and exclusivity, these 2-seater sports cars were from the very outset only intended for a very narrow target group. Accordingly, they were built in very small numbers.

Engine: 8-cylinder in V arrangement
Displacement: 3,823 cc
Power: 92 hp at 3,600 rpm
Maximum speed: 130 km/h
Fuel consumption: 18 litres/100 km
Price: 13,750 Reichsmarks
Series: 1938-1939
Production: 30 cars

Horch 930 V convertible, 1938 Horch 930 S Streamliner, 1939