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NSU Prima D motor scooter, 1958

In 1956 the Lambretta was developed into the NSU Prima D. The Prima was improved in many points compared to the Lambretta. For example, the cables and wires disappeared behind the new cladding of the profiled handlebars. In addition, the Prima was visually upgraded. The air-cooled 6.2 hp 150 cc 2-stroke engine could manage gradients in excess of 30 percent.

Engine: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine
Displacement: 146 cc
Power: 6.2 hp at 5,200 rpm
Maximum speed: 80 km/h
Series: 1956-1960
Production: 77,000 motor scooters

NSU Quickly motorcycle, Type L, 1957 Audi, 1965