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NSU Quickly motorcycle, Type L, 1957

The NSU Quickly motorcycle was equipped with a central clamping frame and forked suspension in line with the new NSU motorcycle line. The many different models and versions enabled NSU to appeal to new customer groups. The Quickly could be driven tax-free without a driving licence. In 1954, daily production was 1,000 units. In 1955, NSU became the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world and with more than 1.25 million units built, the NSU Quickly was the most successful motorised NSU bicycle.

Engine: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke
Displacement: 50 cc
Power: 1.4 hp/rpm
Maximum speed: 40 km/h
Series: 1956-1961
Production: 1.25 million motorcycles

NSU Sportmax racing motorcycle, 1955 NSU Prima D motor scooter, 1958