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NSU Racemax, Type Blue Whale, 1954

On 25 July 1954, the fully clad Blue Whale model entered its first race on the Solitude circuit at Stuttgart. Werner Haas and Rupert Hollaus achieved first and second places in the very first race, a feat they repeated in four more races. In 1954, NSU took part in 24 races and won all 24 of them. Werner Haas won the world championship and the German championship in the under 250 cc class on the Race Max, Blue Whale model.

Number and arrangement of cylinders: 2 banks in-line, upright shaft engine
Displacement: 247 cc
Maximum power (hp/rpm): approx. 33 / 10,500
Maximum speed: 207 km/h
Raced in: 1954

NSU Race Fox, Type Dolphin, 1954 NSU Sportmax racing motorcycle, 1955