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Wanderer motorcycle 5,4 hp, Type H, 1927

In 1924, Wanderer introduced an unusual technical concept: the displacement of the 5.4 hp two-cylinder V-engine with its four-valve cylinder heads (two inlet and two exhaust valves per cylinder) was 708 cc, hence the model designation adopted for this new motorcycle, which had a power output of 15 horsepower. It was to be many years before the relatively complex principle of four valves per cylinder was to achieve a large-scale breakthrough. Wanderer, too, reverted to the conventional twovalve combustion chamber principle from 1927 onwards.

Engine: V 2-cylinder, 4-stroke
Displacement: 708 cc
Power: 15 hp
Maximum speed: 56 mph
Series: 1924–1927

Wanderer 6/24 hp, Type W 9 Phaeton, 1925 Wanderer 6/30 hp, Type W 10/I Phaeton, 1927