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Wanderer motorcycle K 500, 1929

The last Wanderer motorcycle, the K 500, was an honourable departure from the motorcycle scene. Its 500 cc engine with single vertical cylinder developed 16 horsepower and drove the rear wheel by shaft. Motorcycle production ceased in 1929 and the plans for the K 500, were sold to the Janeček munitions factory in Prague. There, production of the K 500 recommenced under the name Jawa, which was derived from the two names Janeček and Wanderer.

Engine: 1-cylinder, 4-stroke
Displacement: 498 cc
Power: 17 hp
Maximum speed: 59 mph
Series: 1928–1930

Wanderer 8/40 hp, Type W 10/II saloon, 1928 Wanderer 10/50 hp, Type W 11 saloon, 1929