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Wanderer No. 2 prototype, 1906

Wanderer No. 2 dates from 1906 and was the first complete roadgoing automobile to be produced by the Wanderer factory. The first prototype, started a year earlier, did not progress beyond a chassis with single-cylinder engine. This car, the second prototype, has a twin-cylinder engine and three-speed gearbox; its attractive open two-seater body was built by the Kühlstein company of Berlin. It too remained a one-off design and never went into production. Wanderer’s first production car was the “Puppchen” (“Baby Doll”), introduced only in 1913.

Engine: 2-cylinder in-line, 4-stroke
Capacity: 1,884 cc
Power: 12 hp at 1,200 rpm
Maximum speed: approx. 30 mph
Production: 1 car

Wanderer motorcycle 3 hp, 1905 Wanderer motorcycle 3 hp, 1912