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Wanderer W 23 convertible, 1939

In 1937 two new Wanderer model series appeared: the W 23 with 6-cylinder engine and the W24 with 4-cylinder engine. These were in keeping with the Auto Union strategy of standardised drive and suspension components and of harmonised body concepts. Positioned in the upper midsize class, the Wanderer W 23 was available either as a saloon with body built by the Horch coachmaker or as a convertible with body supplied by Gläser from Dresden.

Engine: 6-cylinder in line
Displacement: 2,632 cc
Power: 62 hp at 3,500 rpm
Maximum speed: 120 km/h
Fuel consumption: 13 litres/100 km
Price: 6,450 Reichsmarks
Series: 1937-1942
Production: 8,411 cars

Wanderer W 24 convertible saloon, 4-door, 1939 Auto Union Grand-Prix racing car Type A, 1934