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Audi Group production sites

Audi manufactures “Vorsprung durch Technik” at twelve sites with lengthy traditions of car manufacturing. Cutting-edge logistical processes, the synchronised Audi Production System and a highly qualified workforce of around 90,000 guarantee uniform Audi standards worldwide. Every Audi production site achieves very high standards of quality, efficiency and environmental acceptability.

Audi Group production sites


The global network of Audi Group production sites includes the two German sites of Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm as well as production facilities in Hungary, Belgium and Mexico. Within the group network of parent company Volkswagen, Audi also manufactures cars at European production facilities in Slovakia, Spain and Russia and worldwide in Brazil, India and China. In addition, there is Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of AUDI AG. The same maxim applies to all these sites: “one name, one standard, everywhere”.

Reconciling ecology and economy


Audi sees itself as a provider of sustainable, customized premium mobility. That’s why it’s important that a vehicle’s environmental balance is already offset before the first kilometre is driven. The company is therefore working intensively to improve the carbon balance of its manufacturing facilities and is pursuing its long-term version of making the manufacture of all its models completely climate-neutral.

In 2014 Audi was the first premium manufacturer to have its carbon footprint certified under the ISO 14064 international standard. In the process, the company rendered transparent the main causes of emissions throughout the entire value chain – and identified potential ways to further reduce greenhouse gases across the whole life cycle of a car.

Key figures worldwide

Employees (Audi Group)
91,231 (as at: December 31, 2017)
Deliveries to customers (2017) 2,105,084 cars