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The Audi A4 L, Audi A6 L, Audi A6 L e-tron, Audi Q3 and Audi Q5 model lines are being produced for the Chinese market at the headquarters of the oldest and largest automotive company in China, First Automotive Works (FAW). In 2017, Audi delivered 467,788 cars in chinese market. As such, China has become Audi’s largest single market worldwide.

Changchun in detail


First Automotive Works was founded in 1953 and employs some 118,000 people. The first partnerships with Volkswagen AG date back to 1988. A joint venture was established in 1991, with AUDI AG entering as a partner four years later.


Sustainability and environmental protection


The Audi Production System (APS) has been used intensively in recent years at the Changchun production site to implement numerous environmental aspects and Audi’s environmental policy at all levels. Audi’s environmental standards thus apply to production in China. By integrating lightweight components into local production, Audi is not only further boosting energy efficiency in China, but also once again demonstrating its trailblazing role in sustainability and environmental protection.

Audi Forum Beijing


Audi opened the first Audi Forum in Asia in the renowned Beijing Oriental Plaza business and commercial centre in 2003. Barely a stone’s throw from the Gate of Heavenly Peace, the Audi brand is vividly evoked through attractive exhibits, an exclusive lounge and the quattro boutique across some 1,000 square metres.



Key figures


Changchun, a city of around 7 million people, is home to China’s oldest and largest automotive company First Automobile Works (FAW). It means that the region leads the way in the Chinese automotive industry.

Changchun is the capital of Jilin Province and is located in northeastern China, around one and a half hours by air from Beijing. Jilin Province covers an area of 187,400 square kilometres, around half the size of Germany, but accounts for only two percent of China’s total land mass. It has a population of over 27 million. The province is part of the heavy-industry belt in northeastern China. It shares a 232 kilometre border with Russia and a border of about 1,200 kilometres with North Korea.


The Changchun plant in figures (joint venture with FAW-VW)

Owned by FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Company Ltd.
Established 1988
Area 1.16 million square metres (FAW-VW overall)
Models Audi A4 L, Audi A6 L, Audi A6 L e-tron, Audi Q3, Audi Q5
Production (2017)
467,468 cars