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As part of its joint venture with Volkswagen and First Automotive Works (FAW), Audi began running a second production facility in China in late 2013. The new Foshan production site is located in Guangdong Province in southern China. At present the Audi A3 Sportback and the A3 Sedan are being produced for the local market.

Foshan in detail


As the oldest and largest automotive company in China, FAW comprises more than 100 companies with over 100,000 employees. The company’s headquarters are in the metropolis of Changchun, also home to FAW-VW’s first production site.

Complete production facility for Chinese market

The new Foshan plant was completed and commissioned in 2013. As with the Changchun plant, this site comprises a complete production facility. Together with the plant in Changchun, Audi will expand total capacity to as many as 700,000 cars annually by 2017.

Sustainability and environmental protection


AUDI AG aims to achieve a harmonious balance between economy and ecology. The company uses the Audi Production System (APS) to embrace numerous environmental aspects and Audi environmental policy at all levels. Audi’s environmental standards also apply to production in Foshan within the framework of the APS. This means, for example, that this factory uses measures such as heat recovery, closed-loop use of process water and integrated recycling. Such measures help the company to save 100,000 metric tons of CO2 each year.

Key figures


The prefecture-level city of Foshan has a population of around 7.2 million and is situated in the Guangdong Province in southern China. Guangdong covers an area of 187,800 km², around half the size of Germany – making it the most populous province in China with 104.3 million inhabitants. Not far from Foshan, the Pearl River forms the largest stretch of the border with Guangdong’s largest city, Guangzhou. In the south, the Dongping canal skirts the urban area. Foshan has a subtropical climate.

The Foshan plant in figures (joint venture with FAW-VW)

FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Company Ltd., Foshan
Models Audi A3 Sportback, Audi A3 Sedan
Production (2017)
85,191 cars