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Audi connect

Audi connect turns the car into a mobile home from home. Broadband internet access and a whole host of services and functions enhance driving comfort and take the pleasure of motoring to a whole new level.

The car in the cloud


The term Audi connect encompasses all applications and developments that connect the vehicle with its owner, the internet, the infrastructure and with other cars. Audi connect is available for virtually the entire model range. The optional MMI® navigation plus (including MMI touch) and the convenient voice control make operation particularly intuitive and quick.

Mobility & navigation

Where is the cheapest filling station? Are there any hold-ups on my route? What does my destination look like and is there a car park there? Is my flight departing on time? Audi connect can provide the answers to these and many more questions that arise while driving. The clearly arranged results are shown in the display. Audi connect is setting new standards for navigation too, thanks to realistic images from Google Earth™ and Google Street View™ as well as the new online update service for the navigation map data. Further highlights include real-time traffic information, 360-degree panoramic pictures of the destination and the ability to zoom the map down to 30 metres.




Access e-mails, check messages or post to Facebook and Twitter – Audi connect transforms the car into a mobile communications centre. The integral voice control ensures safe, easy operation. And with the Wi-Fi hotspot, as many as eight mobile devices – from tablets to laptops to games consoles – can connect to the internet simultaneously.


Audi connect combines information and entertainment with an intuitive control concept. The broad array of services on offer includes a personal weather station, a news studio and a travel guide. The Audi MMI connect app, meanwhile, offers a choice of over 3,000 web radio stations with the Audi music stream. The latest online media streaming services such as Napster are also available. And thanks to the LTE (Long Term Evolution) data transmission technology that Audi has integrated into its cars, passengers are even able to stream movies in HD quality, engage in action-packed duels in an online game or simply listen to music using their mobile devices.